Hi all! Few days ago one of our AppStream users reported that he cannot connect to AppStream fleet. I quickly checked status on another 2 accounts and it seemed to be ok. Unfortunately a user was still unable to connect. I asked him to provide more information and he sent me a screenshot with error “Failed to reserve a session: Internal error“. I referenced to AWS documentation but actually there weren’t any information about this error. After contacting support we determined that error is related to OS level issue and the only way to fix it, is to restart/kill user session. You cannot do it via GUI but it can be done using CLI.

How to fix

You need AWS CLI. Depends on your OS there are few ways to install it and you can find all of them here.
First command allows you to find ID of user session.

 $ aws appstream describe-sessions \
--stack-name "YourStack" \
--fleet-name "YourFleet" \
--authentication-type "AuthType" \
--user-id "UserLogin" \
--profile "ProfileName"
You can check arguments description here. Keep in mind that –profile is optional argument in case if you have many profiles. Let’s check this out:

After that you have to copy session ID and paste it to second command.

 $ aws appstream expire-session \
--session-id "SESSION-ID-HERE" \
--profile "ProfileName"

That’s all. Session is killed and user can start AppStream again without any errors.

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